ReAktiv™ is the perfect accompaniment to any sports performance training program.  Baseball, football, basketball, extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding, and most other sports challenge athletes in dynamic environments where unpredictable conditions, movements, landings, and contact, affect body orientation, force production, and injury potential.  Athletes are often forced to perform in unstable environments and ReAktiv ™ finally gives them the opportunity to train and thrive in one.

The exercise variability offered by ReAktiv’s™ three different training environments can be used by athletes to:

  • Increase strength, power, conditioning, and reaction time
  • Vary dynamic warm-up routines to enhance core engagement and muscle activation prior to high intensity exercise
  • Help promote more powerful and efficient force transmission between the trunk and the upper and lower extremities
  • Increase proprioception (the body’s unconscious perception of movement and overall awareness of its orientation in space)
  • Increase dynamic joint stability and balance
  • Reduce the risk of sports related joint and muscle injury