Tri-Plane Technology®

ReAktiv’s™ ability to tilt, slide, rotate, and spin 360° can be attributed to its patented Tri-Plane Technology®. These unique abilities provide truly unpredictable and variable movement patterns in all 3 planes of motion providing a proprioceptively rich and dynamic training environment. Tri-Plane Technology® consists of the patented dome shaped platform and the base that houses 3 separate ball transfers that allow the platform to tilt, slide, rotate, and spin freely and unrestricted. This training environment creates the opportunity for far greater muscle engagement and demands increased neuromuscular control when compared to performing exercise in a stable environment like on solid ground. The ReAktiv’s patented motion creates movement patterns that have been used around the world by professional athletes, college athletes, physical therapists, and fitness professionals to provide a dynamic and fresh approach to reactive training programs.