ReAktiv™ is a patented reactive training platform that incorporates Tri-Plane Technology® and its optional Dynamic Tensioning System® to achieve truly unique muscle engagement in an ever changing dynamic exercise environment. It is the ONLY product on the market that offers the ability to tilt, slide, rotate, and spin 360° while offering optional Dynamic Tensioning resistance in all 3 planes of motion.

ReAktiv™ incorporates 3 unique training environment options to be adaptable to all ages and fitness levels:

  • Platform as a stand-alone training environment
  • Platform placed in base to take advantage of the Tri-Plane Technology® in free form multi-planar movement
  • Platform placed in base with the added Dynamic Tensioning System® to add resistance to multi-planar movements

The 3 unique training environments can be used to enhance mobility, stability, endurance, strength, explosiveness, proprioception, and reaction time.  All this capability can be found in a low profile, low maintenance design that makes ReAktiv™ the perfect choice for use in gyms, athletic training facilities, physical therapy clinics, studios, and homes.