Current popular fitness trends consist of repetitive single plane (sagital) exercises performed in a stable environment like on flat ground or on an exercise bench.  Activities of daily living often require multi-planar movement that requires the coordination of multiple joints and muscles to complete a task.  The disconnect between popular fitness trends and activities of daily living often lead to weak core muscles, muscle imbalance, poor stability, and can lead to repetitive use injuries like tendonitis.

                ReAktiv™ offers a fun, challenging, and progressive approach to achieving your fitness goals. Its truly unrestricted multi-planar environment creates movement variability that makes each repetition of an exercise slightly different than the last.  Overall muscle engagement is increased and since each repetition is different, joint stress and the risk of repetitive use injuries is decreased.

ReAktiv™ Fitness Applications:

  • ReAktiv’s™ three training environments can be used to implement balance and stability training to all ages and fitness levels
  • Can be used for metabolic conditioning exercises such as mountain climbers and battle rope drills
  • Burn more fat and calories due to increased muscle engagement
  • Patented Tri-Plane Technology® and Dynamic Tensioning System® can be used to increase upper and lower extremity strength, power, reaction time, and endurance
  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Can be implemented into dynamic warm-up routines to enhance core engagement and muscle activation prior to high intensity exercise
  • Injury prevention