What really sets ReAktiv™ apart from all other reactive and balance training products is the patented Dynamic Tensioning System (DTS) ®.  It is a system consisting of 3 heavy duty tensioning bands that attach the platform to the base which creates a dynamic exercise environment that combines the free form movement of Tri-Plane Technology® with tensioning resistance that is perceived in all three planes of motion.

Benefits of the DTS®:

  • Includes 10lb, 20lb, and 30lb resistance tensioning bands to provide optional resistance progressions
  • Can be used to increase strength, explosiveness, reaction time, metabolic conditioning, proprioception, and dynamic joint stability
  • Increases muscular demand during dynamic exercise by forcing targeted muscles groups to accelerate through the resistance and then decelerate rapidly due to the elastic return properties of the DTS®
  • The variable resistance tensioning bands can be used to limit free form travel in all 3 planes of motion allowing a wider range of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and patients to be able to progress through a reactive training program
  • Can be used to create unpredictable perturbations during dynamic exercise that can aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of joint and muscle injuries by helping increase neuromuscular control, dynamic joint stability, and reaction time
  • Can help promote more powerful and efficient force transmission between the trunk and the upper and lower extremities